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Autodesk SketchBook

SketchBook drawing software, developed by Autodesk, is one of the most user-friendly drawing programs available for PCs. This software clearly shows the available drawing tools and doesn't require a steep learning curve to familiarize yourself with its process. It goes one step further with customization. When you hover your mouse or pen over a brush, eraser or gradient tool, an additional option wheel will pop up, from which you can choose specific tools to match your project.

The features in this drawing software break down into only a few categories. You have a toolbar, color palettes, color editor and brushes. We know that doesn't sound like much, but each has a lot of depth and is aimed toward making your drawing experience as realistic as possible. For instance, the toolbar includes a section for drawing options such as free form, lines, rectangles and ovals. Each draws a dotted outline of what you are about to do so that you can place lines accurately where you want them. Polyline allows you to make multiple connecting straight lines in any design you like. Once you have the desired outline, you double click and the software draws along those lines.

SketchBook Pro includes two color palettes. One is simply a standard set of colors that you can mix to acquire the exact shade you want. The other palette is a Copic, a Japanese style marker with a set of color presets you can use. With correctly designed custom brushes, you can essentially add effects to the colors themselves for bold and light brush strokes.

Autodesk's SketchBook Pro drawing software supports a handful of image formats, none of which are vector formats. That leaves raster formats, and this application supports JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF and PSD. That compatibility applies to exporting images as well as importing.

Autodesk offers a range of online documentation that you can access, including FAQs and a feature brochure. The user manual does not come with the product itself once you buy it. If you have any additional questions or concerns about this drawing software, you can contact the company's technical support team via email.

With its simple, user-friendly interface and virtually unlimited brush options and effects, SketchBook Pro offers more than it appears to on its surface. The software cannot do everything that many similar drawing applications can, but what it can do is extensive. Add its functionality to the natural look and feel of the application, which is unrivaled at its price point, and you have an excellent tool to move from traditional art to digital art.


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