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POSER Tutorial Lesson 16: Custom Morphs & Magnets

Poser is definitely the land of perfect people. In this movie, we explore ways to make Custom Morph dials and deformations with Magnets that allows Poser users to essentially create their own custom characters by aging them or simply making them more ‘real’. While not difficult, creating Morphs and Magnets that automatically change as the character moves is a process requiring a workflow that we learn in this tutorial.

POSER Tutorial Lesson 15: Exteriors

Built as a predominately indoor/figure related software, Poser needs a little help in creating quality outdoor scenes. In this tutorial, we look at ways to create scene lighting and adjustments without using the pre-built solutions from the Poser Library. Specifically, we examine textures for organic objects, Sub-surface Scattering tools, Ray-traced shadows, IBL lighting with ambient occlusion (AO) but no images, backdrops and total environment creation.

POSER Tutorial Lesson 14: Optimizing Indoor scenes

Rendering indoor scenes well requires a knowledge of the Material Room and Render Room and how they integrate. In this tutorial we look at some options for rendering better bumps with Normal Maps and how to use IBL with Ambient Occlusion to create good renders in a fraction of the time that full Indirect Lighting requires.

POSER Tutorial Lesson 13: Lighting and Material Integration

Making the jump from rendering ‘things’ to rendering ‘scenes’ demands a more thorough knowledge Poser’s interconnected details and functions. This movie establishes the foundation for the detailed next movie on scene building. We explore general areas of consideration that will impact render time and scene fidelity by auditing a basic cityscape prop.

POSER Tutorial Lesson 12: Rendering 2

In this tutorial we learn more about Poser Pro 2014's powerful non-photorealistic rendering capabilities through Comic Book & Sketch Designer. Poser has long had Toon Tones but Comic Book is a quantum leap forward. Users can create graphic novel looks with incredible ease. However, Comic Book does not go through typical steps to get a rendering, so we learn how to make it produce images.

POSER Tutorial Lesson 11: Rendering

It doesn’t matter what you create in Poser if you can’t get it to look good when rendered. In this movie, we take a top level look at some of the important settings in preferences and the two FireFly render areas. Knowing how to begin working with the various settings and how they integrate into Poser’s more advanced abilities is the foundation for successful results.

POSER Tutorial Lesson 10: Strand Hair

It’s the little tricks that make ‘hair management’ easy to create and produce stellar effects. In this tutorial, we look at strategies for creating complex hair groups for use with dynamics dynamics and animation. While you may not be doing animation per se, adding a wind effector to natural hair can create a superb look to a still image – but only if you can control the hair easily.

POSER Tutorial Lesson 09: Animation Part 2

We are experts in spotting animated movements that ‘aren’t quite right’. That’s because we see real motion everyday and can spot imperfections in how things move very easily. In this movie we look at methods to create believable animation for human forms with a concentration on the face and facial movements and expressions by using both the Keyframe Editor and the Curve Editor.

POSER Tutorial Lesson 08: Animation Part 1

Making something move in Poser is easy. Making it move well takes a little more work. In this movie, the first of two dealing with animation, we are introduced to methods of making things move and how to use some of the control sets to modify that motion. Viewers will be introduced to the basic animation controls, the dedicated animation window and the tweening graph.

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